Game Masters Media Preview

27th June 2012

Are we all excited about the Game Masters exhibition opening?

ACMI staged the media preview this morning with Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu and ACMI’s CEO Tony Sweeney leading the way through the exhibition. The gallery space is absolutely beautiful; it was tough to keep moving through the gallery and not stop to play some of the 125 playable games!

The above video is a taste of what to expect.

Visiting Game Masters; Tim Schafer, Warren Spector and Australia’s own Rob Murray from Firemint thoroughly enjoyed testing out one of the games with Mr. Baillieu.

And don’t forget to check out Game Masters: The Game made especially for the exhibition!

Earlier on in the day, Bajo and Hex, the hosts from the popular ABC show Good Game, lead a Q&A session with Conrad Bodman, ACMI’s Head of Exhibitions, and our visiting Game Masters.

Fascinating facts emerged from the session including, the key defining moments in games from the three developers: For Warren Spector, his memories playing D&D with his friends in 1978 that he’s been trying to recreate ever since and the immediacy of playing Star Raiders in 1982 on his Atari 800 on a “huge” 25 inch television!

And both Tim Schafer and Rob Murray recounted the excitement of realising at a young age that a career in Games was possible. That they could do what they love and get paid for it!

The developers discussed the game development process, what’s involved in leading the creative, as well as the business behind games; juxtaposing Rob Murray’s being an entrepreneur in the independent industry with Warren Spector’s experiences working with large brands and companies.

Just a small taste of what’s to come in the following days of the Game Masters Forum and In Conversation Events.

I can’t wait!


  • Jessica Beirne, Online Project Producer, ACMI