The Behemoth

Dan Paladin is the lead artist, art director and co-founder, with Tom Fulp and John Baex, of The Behemoth. Since 2003 they have produced three critically acclaimed and much-loved games, featuring an old-school, hand-drawn style and an appealing sense of humour. The prototype of their first game, Alien Hominid (2002), was played online nearly 20 million times before being further developed for console release.

Castle Crashers (2008) built on the first game’s strengths, with detailed artwork and simple gameplay, as well as great replay value thanks to the online cooperative mode and plenty of unlockable elements.

Paladin promises that Behemoth’s third game, BattleBlock Theatre, which is still in development, will be even richer: ‘It involves friendship, betrayal, a theatre, gems, an island, a jail and cats. All the best and worst things in life to make a perfect mix.’ Not to mention multiple modes and the anarchic cooperative-yet-competitive atmosphere that defines The Behemoth style.

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