After working as a freelance programmer and graphic artist for various French companies in the 1980s, Chahi set out on his own to develop Another World (1991; released as Out of This World in the USA). He designed the entire game from story through to the box art. Another World was hugely influential, with its rotoscoped animations, cinematic aesthetic and lack of HUD (Heads up Display, or on-screen text information about the status of characters).

The strong story and atmospheric use of sound have been cited as influences by designers as important as Fumito Uedo and Hideo Kojima. Chahi founded Amazing Studio in 1998 and released a second platform game, Heart of Darkness (1998). His most recent game, From Dust (2011), sees a radical departure of style.

Inspired by Chahi’s travels to live volcano sites, this environmental god game challenges players to control natural resources – water, land and lava – to effect the survival of a group of villagers.

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