Erik Svedäng

Erik Svedäng is a young game designer who won the Seamus McNally grand prize at the 2009 Independent Games Festival for Blueberry Garden (2010).

Blueberry Garden was inspired by the idea of a complex ecosystem that reacts to player actions, while being realised in whimsical, minimalist graphics and accompanied by a solo piano. Svedäng’s next game, Kometen (2011), continues in the vein of gentle exploration and employs the hand-drawn graphics of Niklas Åkerblad.

In contrast to these open-ended games, Svedäng has also developed what he describes as ‘digital board games’ for the iPad, with the two-player games Shot Shot Shoot (2011) and the frantic Tri-Tri-Triobelisk (2011).

As Svedäng says, ‘With Shot Shot Shoot I’m basically trying to create something like a sport, while Blueberry Garden and Kometen are more like playable paintings. I like both ways of working!’

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