Rob Murray has risen from being a solo developer for hire to CEO of one of the most successful indie game developers in existence.

Firemint’s success is due to Murray’s vision to create games such as Flight Control (2009) and Real Racing (2009), which are both easy to play and elegant and addictive in equal measure. In addition, his prescient reading of the drive towards personalised gaming, led by the ubiquity of social networking on mobile platforms, has kept his games on trend – Flight Control, for example, allows players to choose music from their personal libraries to accompany the game.

Firemint have been nimble in tailoring their games and their marketing to the growing number of ‘non-gamers’ who are nonetheless intrepid explorers of the app world and who like to share their online experiences. Firemint have received two coveted Apple Design Awards and in 2011 they were bought by EA Games, the international publisher.


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