Halfbrick is a growing development studio based in Brisbane that was started by a group of graduates in 2001. They began working on licensed titles for various platforms but always aimed to create their own games. After a series of moderately successful releases, lead designer Luke Muscat created Fruit Ninja (2010), the one-touch swiping game that topped the charts in 20 countries with over 500 million downloads.

Fruit Ninja’s four-word instruction manual – ‘swipe fruit, avoid bombs’ – illustrates a philosophy of presenting an effortlessly simple interface to casual players while also delivering a game that engages by testing reflexes and rewarding success with sensory feedback.

Jetpack Joyride (2011) features an ever-increasing level of difficulty without relinquishing the one-touch ease of gameplay. As the games industry moves increasingly online, Halfbrick’s international success proves that indies can have a major impact on the games landscape.

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