As a child, Hideo Kojima was heavily influenced by his father, a dedicated movie fan, and had started going to movie theatres by himself by the age of six.

During his years at middle and high school his growing interest in cinema and storytelling led Kojima to start writing novels and filming his own movies with friends. While studying economics in college and having doubts about his future, he discovered computer games and decided he would join the games industry.
In 1986 Kojima joined Konami as a game designer. He originally wanted to work on Nintendo Famicom or arcade titles, but was instead assigned to the development division for the MSX(2) computer and in 1987 directed his first title, METAL GEAR (1987). At a time when mainstream action games only focused on attack and defeat, METAL GEAR introduced infiltration into the gameplay and became one of the earliest examples of a stealth game. This new genre allowed the player to avoid confrontation by advancing under cover, and offered a rich storyline with interesting characters and unexpected twists. Featuring the first appearance of special-forces operative Solid Snake, METAL GEAR was highly acclaimed by members of the videogame industry and successful with the hardcore gaming community.
Following METAL GEAR, Kojima directed the sequel Metal Gear 2 (1990) as well as the new and original titles Snatcher (1988) & Policenauts (1994). In 1998 the first 3D title in the Metal Gear series, METAL GEAR SOLID (1998), was released. The high quality 3D graphics and gameplay took full advantage of the new 3D technology available at the time and caused a revolution in the games industry. Integrating the most advanced stealth-based gameplay yet seen with cutscenes that reflected Kojima’s passion for cinema, METAL GEAR SOLID became a worldwide best seller, with over 6 million copies sold globally.
With each new title in the Metal Gear series, Kojima has incorporated cutting edge technologies to push the limits of game design. Collaborating with world renowned creators such as composer Harry Gregson-Williams and film titles designer Kyle Cooper, he continually endeavors to craft innovative gaming experiences that extend beyond the boundaries of traditional gaming. In 2011, the Metal Gear series had sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. The same year, Kojima was named Executive Vice-President of Konami Digital Entertainment.

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