Introversion Software

Introversion Software has created four critically acclaimed games – Uplink (2001), Darwinia (2005), DEFCON (2006), and Multiwinia (2008) – that look like art and play as hardcore games, featuring strikingly original story lines, an appreciation of gaming history and a dynamic mix of elements from various genres, including strategy, puzzle and the god game. Introversion was founded in London in 2001 by three university students, including lead designer Chris Delay.

After spending many years developing their next game, Subversion, work was put on hold in 2011 after Delay realised that they were having more fun developing the world of the game than any player would have playing it. He took a holiday and a new game idea appeared; ‘I went old-school and bought a blank notebook… and spent most of the 10-hour flight home writing it all down. Those first 10 pages written on that flight are the design bible that we still stick to today.’ The resulting strategy game, Prison Architect is due for release this year.

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