Jakub Dvorský

Dvorský studied at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague, where his graduating work was Samorost, released in 2003. He founded Amanita Design, a nine-member studio that produces games, music videos and animation.

Dvorský's wordless point-and-click puzzle games invite players to explore a series of intricately animated and illustrated scenes that form the basis for each progressive level. The surrealist folk imagery in the Samorost series is inspired by earthly textures such as roots, fungi and fronds, even though the game is set in deep space.

Machinarium (2009) unfolds in a world of curly machinery whose function is unclear, other than to provide devious puzzles that block the path of the robot protagonist. The aesthetic qualities invite players back even after the level has been completed; as Dvorský says, ‘We want to approach it like a music record. You hear it once but it still has value the second time, the third time.’ 

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