Markus Persson

Creator of the breakout phenomenon Minecraft (2011), and a bona fide indie celebrity, Notch began programming on a Commodore 128 when he was seven years old. He developed Minecraft in his spare time but the success of the game in alpha mode prompted him to set up a company so he could work full time to complete Minecraft, as well as other projects (the forthcoming Scrolls and Cobalt).

Minecraft is a sandbox game in which players use blocks to create and destroy models of anything they can imagine, from objects as simple as walls to those as complicated as New York’s Grand Central Station. Notch – who strives to maintain a transparent relationship with Minecraft’s millions of fans – used their feedback during the development stage to help shape the game’s final release version.

It is essentially a game of potential; as one reviewer notes, ‘Be you the most casual clicker or the most diligent digital architect, you will make something of which you feel proud.’

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