Masaya Matsuura is recognised as a true gaming pioneer, kicking off the modern genre of rhythm-based music games with PaRappa the Rapper (1996), made in collaboration with Rodney Greenblat. Matsuura’s company, NanaOn-Sha, followed this success with UmJammer Lammy (1999) and the generative music game vibribbon (1999).

His work in gaming grew organically from his lifelong engagement with writing and performing music, beginning his career in the electronic pop band PSY-S, who released many albums and whose songs appeared on anime soundtracks. In the early 1990s, Matsuura’s interest in computer-based music led him to develop various multimedia projects that eventually morphed into the development of interactive games.

Matsuura also composed the sounds and music for Sony’s robot pet dog AIBO ERS-7. NanaOn-Sha’s most recent mobile game, WINtA(2010) – from which proceeds go to charity – continues to leverage interactive technology in order to create fun and imaginative ways for non-musicians to immerse themselves in music.

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