Responsible for some of the game world's most beloved characters and franchises, as well as countless critically acclaimed titles, Nintendo hardly needs an introduction.

Arguably the most influential videogame company in the industry, the company has a remarkable aptitude for producing unforgettable games for all ages. Nintendo's massive fan base demonstrates their skill and prominence as both game designers and console developers.

Originating as a successful playing card company in 1889, Nintendo was involved in a wide range of businesses before trying its hand at videogames in 1973. This led to Nintendo's first console, the Color TV Game. Their real success came with the release of Donkey Kong™ (1981), an arcade game designed by Shigeru Miyamoto. Miyamoto went on to become one of Nintendo's lead designers and one of the games industry's most widely recognised members.

In 1980 Nintendo released the highly successful Game & Watch™, a series of handheld games each played on their own device, arguably the launching point for the handheld game market. This was followed by another success in the guise of the Family Computer, or Famicom, known outside Japan as the Nintendo Entertainment System™ (NES). The console came with the launch of the first title in what would be Nintendo's most successful franchise, Super Mario Bros™ (1985). This was followed by a further pivotal title, The Legend of Zelda™ (1986).

Nintendo’s success carried on through the release of innumerable titles and further consoles, including the Super Nintendo Entertainment System™ (SNES, successor to the NES), the Nintendo® 64 (incorporating 3D graphics), the Nintendo GameCube™ (using optical discs) and the Wii™ (integrating motion controls). Games from the Mario and Zelda series grew to hold firm positions in the hearts of gamers through titles such as Super Mario 64 (1996), Super Mario Galaxy™ (2007)and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998), a game repeatedly voted the greatest game of all time.

Nintendo continues to impress gamers and critics alike with its remarkable mix of nostalgia and innovation. Achieving what many in the industry thought impossible, Nintendo broke through what was once a small demographic of gamers to bring games to people of all ages through the development of powerful characters and innovative technology.

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