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So you want to be a true Game Master?

Below are just some of the amazing games related resources that ACMI has created.

Super Sonic: Video Games and Learning

Download the Sonic Education Pack containing information and activities for classroom use.

Parents, Kids and Videogames: What's the Score?

Here parents can gain a better understanding of videogames and their content. It explains the reasons why kids enjoy videogames, addresses parental concerns that surround them, and offers commonsense tips.

Understanding character in video games

Matthew Sakey writes about the crucial element of character in narrative computer games.

Essay: Playing the Movies

Curator Helen Stuckey writes of the relationship between games and the movies.

'Game On' Essay

In the catalogue essay for the Game On exhibition, Helen Stuckey traces the evolution of the video game.

And if need even more, then check out our complete Game Resources section.

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