Hideo Kojima

During his years at middle and high school his growing interest in cinema and storytelling led Kojima to start writing novels and filming his own movies with friends. While studying economics in college and having doubts about his future, he discovered computer games and decided he would join the games industry.

In 1986 Kojima joined Konami as a game designer. He originally wanted to work on Nintendo Famicom or arcade titles, but was instead assigned to the development division for the MSX(2) computer and in 1987 directed his first title, METAL GEAR (1987). At a time when mainstream action games only focused on attack and defeat, METAL GEAR introduced infiltration into the gameplay and became one of the earliest examples of a stealth game. This new genre allowed the player to avoid confrontation by advancing under cover, and offered a rich storyline with interesting characters and unexpected twists. Featuring the first appearance of special-forces operative Solid Snake, METAL GEAR was highly acclaimed by members of the videogame industry and successful with the hardcore gaming community.

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